Test & Measurement

Audio and Acoustics Testing

Comcon provides and supports a wide range of instruments for testing of audio and sound delivery for various industries and applications – consumer and professional electronics, communications, entertainment, manufacturing, R&D, quality test and/or control, measurement and compliance.
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Video Protocol Testing

Comcon specializes in the latest range of niche equipment for measurement and compliance testing of various video signal protocols. These include HDMI (latest 2.0 solutions available), MHL, DP, SDI etc. The range extends from generators to analyzers and accessories to ensure complete solution is delivered to the customer from a single point.
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Video Signal Testing

Comcon provides the latest and best equipment that is available for testing of continuous video signals. These include handheld, portable as well as desktop and rackmount units for generation / analysis of various video signals – SD/HD/3G/12G SDI signals, Analog Video and optical (SFP).
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